Wild, Wonderful


                West Virginia                                               






               5K/10K RUN

           September 24, 2011


                           THANKS TO OUR GREAT SPONSORS OF




                                      Helen and Bill Roche

                                               Allie Boyd

                                             Austin Boyd

                                Empire Dental Laboratories

                                   Deer Meadow Hunt Club

                                          Country Cuttery

                                     Kerr’s Sales & Service

                                             Antiques, Etc.

                                   Wardensville Pharmacy

                                    Asa Cline House B & B

                                      Bob “B” Excavating

                                               Red & Nina

                                        Top Notch – Trees

                                      David Miller Family

                                          Rudolph Farms

                                 Lost River Animal Hospital

                                      Hawse Shop N Save

                                       Jo Ellen Halterman

                                         Jane Halterman

                                   Mountain State Storage

                                             The Sislers

                                          Bean and Bean

                                             Craig Hose

                               Walters, Krauskopf & Baker

                                       Barr & Thorne, DDS

                              Tom Mathias & Associates Ins.

                                        Capon Valley Bank

                                     White Star Mercantile

                                    Highland Trace Realty

                                              See’s Motel

                                 Edward Jones - Moorefield    

                                               A. J. Wade

                              Capon Crossing Farm Market

                                     Lost River Brewing Co.

                                             K & D Electric

                                        Ken & Denise Dove

                                        Charles & Kay Hott

                                  Grady & Martha Bradfield


                                      Hot Stamp Supply Co.

                                      Mitch & Pam Orndorff

                                      Town of Wardensville

                                Wardensville Fitness Center

                                      Alecia Sirk & Pat Ford

                                            Plasters HVAC

                                          Suzanne Whitson

                                    Fisher Family Dentistry

                                          Wick’s Plumbing

                                 Hamilton Physical Therapy

                                                 Greg Ely

                                          Ande Zeinalpour

                                             Rafi Zeinalpour

                                         Cyrus Zeinalpour

                                             Debbie Vance

                                               James Vance

                                           Richard Hamilton

                                             Karen Hamilton

                                             Joleah Hamilton

                                       Les and Lynn Richard

                                                 Clyde See

                                              Shawna Crites

                                              Aylor Nursery

                                      Tamanini’s Laudromat

                                               Ribs “R” Us

                                             Tim’s Garage

                                   Jerry, Lucas & Ben Giffen

                                                Mike Teets

                                       Dutch and Katie Frye

                                    Roger and Sheila Champ

                                            Leona Reynolds

                                               JR Keplinger

                            Roger A. Heishman Trucking, LLC

                                 JRS Building and Remodeling

                                                 Billy Smith

                                       Mountain State Apiary

                              Cynthia Hinkle – Nationwide Ins.